Radiation Can Cause Heart Issues—Years Later (Video)

One of the most common treatments for cancerous tumors is therapeutic radiation, which can be very effective and even life-saving. However, doctors are now recognizing that when patients receive radiation to the chest, cardiac issues can sometimes occur as a result — often years or decades later. In this video, Bruce Lytle, MD, chairman of … Read More

Dealing With Heart Damage from Cancer Treatment

Despite the precautions that cardio-oncologists and other specialists take to monitor and protect patients’ heart health during chemotherapy treatments to combat cancer, sometimes heart damage can occur. One of the most common conditions that sometimes arises is congestive heart failure, which is characterized by shortness of breath and swelling. Cleveland Clinic Heart & Vascular Institute … Read More

Cardio-Oncologists Get to the Heart of the Matter

Some, but not all, treatments for cancer — including chemotherapy — can have an effect on your heart. One of the primary goals of specialists called cardio-oncologists is to prevent heart damage in patients receiving chemotherapy. Before patients at Cleveland Clinic begin chemotherapy, they undergo screening studies such as an echocardiogram with strain imaging to … Read More

Radiation Therapy Doubles Risk of Cardiac Event (Video)

Radiation heart disease patients are nearly twice as likely to experience a cardiac event as compared to the normal patient population undergoing similar types of cardiovascular surgery. “Does that mean that if you had prior radiation you should never have heart surgery? The answer is clearly no,” says lead researcher and Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Milind Desai, MD. … Read More

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Strain is Gain for Cancer Patients’ Hearts

Teamwork works wonders. Take cancer care. Cleveland Clinic cancer specialists and heart specialists are working as a team to prevent or minimize damage to the heart caused by cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation treatments. “There is always a chance that some cancer treatments can increase the risk of heart failure or cause the heart … Read More