The Surprising Way I Make My Cancer Patients Laugh

Neckties can be a liability in a medical setting — a magnet for stains, a possible germ vector, and a potential noose in the grasp of a curious toddler. But the knotted bit of silk hanging from a doctor’s collar can be an icebreaker in difficult situations. Sometimes, it can even be a lifeline.

What You Should Bring to Your Chemotherapy Session

We often suggest that our patients pack a small bag to bring to chemotherapy. Having a few familiar items from home can help ease anxiety you might be feeling. And these things can help you distract yourself while your treatment is administered.

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6 Tips for Smoothies When You Have Cancer (Infographic)

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, your appetite may not be what it once was. Yet you need nourishment more than ever to stay strong during treatment and throughout recovery. Smoothies are a delicious way to build key nutrients into your diet, says dietitian Lindsay Malone, MS, RD, LD, an expert on nutrition for cancer patients. Here are her tips … Read More

Cancer Patients Can Find Help to Handle the Details

Patient navigators know that patients dealing with cancer can use all the help they can get in making their journeys through treatment easier. Also known as patient liaisons, they help with a variety of nonmedical tasks that patients and their families need while visiting a hospital or medical center for treatments or other appointments. “Each … Read More

‘Snowbirds’: Coordinate Medical Care Before Traveling

If you follow the example of the birds, and fly south for the winter, it’s critical that you coordinate your medical care – especially cancer treatment. “For cancer patients, coordination of care for the time away is a process that should begin before you travel,” says Steven Roshon, MD, Department Chair for Hematology and Medical … Read More

New App Takes Mystery Out of Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are crucial to advancing cancer research, but less than 5 percent of adult cancer patients actually sign up for them, according to the National Cancer Institute. Why do patients hesitate? I think many of my patients don’t know enough about clinical trials to consider them an option. To them, “clinical trials” sound mysterious … Read More

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What Is “Chemo Brain?”

The American Cancer Society describes “chemo brain” as the mental cloudiness cancer patients notice before, during, and after treatment. Now, a new study is the first to detect such changes in the brain activity of women while they were being treated. Halle Moore, MD, an oncologist at Cleveland Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Institute, led the study. … Read More