4 Heart Tests You May Need Before Cancer Treatment

Radiation and chemotherapy fight cancer and save lives. But some patients develop heart problems during treatment and even years or decades later as a side effect of the life-saving treatment. Because of this, it is important for you to have cardiac screening tests before and after treatment. That way, your doctor may be able to … Read More

6 Ways To Get the Most from Your Cardiac Care

You can get the most from your cardiac treatment by being an active partner of the medical team. Here are six simple steps to starting down the path of active involvement in your own heart health. Tip 1: Prepare Going in for a first-time appointment with a cardiologist or cardiac surgeon can be overwhelming. Preparing … Read More

Heart Health After Age 50

Many like to have a cardiac exam in their 50s and beyond. You will want to know your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. If you are otherwise healthy, it is not a good idea to do a stress test. Here’s why.