4 Heart Tests You May Need Before Cancer Treatment

Radiation and chemotherapy fight cancer and save lives. But some patients develop heart problems during treatment and even years or decades later as a side effect of the life-saving treatment. Because of this, it is important for you to have cardiac screening tests before and after treatment. That way, your doctor may be able to … Read More

Catching Cancer Survivors’ Heart Damage Earlier

Cancer patients benefit from radiation therapy, but because of the effect of chest radiation on the heart, they can develop cardiovascular disease later in life. The medical community first identified cases of radiation-induced heart disease (RIHD) in the 1970s. Guidelines published in the September Journal of American Society of Echocardiography (JASE) discuss the risk of … Read More

Breast Cancer Survivor Treated for Heart Issue

Thirteen years ago, Kim Sander received her first breast cancer diagnosis. A decade later, she found out the cancer medication she was put on in 2008 was causing heart problems. “Patients’ hearts should be monitored by a cardiologist throughout their cancer treatment.” “I knew that the medication I was on could affect the heart, but … Read More

First, Do No Harm to the Heart

Many cancer treatments may cause heart disease. Case in point: trastuzumab (Herceptin). A recent study led by Lorenzo Moja, MD, of the University of Milan in Italy, shows that trastuzumab prolongs overall survival and cancer-free survival in both early and late-stage breast cancer patients. That same study also showed that trastuzumab elevates the risk of … Read More

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Having Cancer Treatment? Protect Your Heart

In this video, Cleveland Clinic cardiologist, Thomas Marwick, MD, PhD explains how chemotherapy and radiation affect heart health. The latest methods of non-invasive cardiac testing can obtain images of the heart and detect problems as a preventative measure for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Web Chat – Cancer and the Heart – Friday, October 14 at … Read More

Strain is Gain for Cancer Patients’ Hearts

Teamwork works wonders. Take cancer care. Cleveland Clinic cancer specialists and heart specialists are working as a team to prevent or minimize damage to the heart caused by cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation treatments. “There is always a chance that some cancer treatments can increase the risk of heart failure or cause the heart … Read More