A Post ER Follow-Up Could Save Your Life

Even if Emergency Room doctors say you didn’t actually have a heart attack, that doesn’t mean you have a clean bill of health. You should still follow up with your doctor. As originally reported by Reuters, recent studies confirm that chest pain patients who followed up with a doctor visit after their ER-release fared better … Read More

Your Heart: 5 Symptoms Not to Ignore (Infographic)

There are some symptoms you shouldn’t shrug off. They may or may not signal heart issues, but it’s important to tell your doctor about them. Watch out for these five: chest pain, leg pain, getting winded easily, syncope (or dizziness) and heart palpitations. Read the whole story 5 Heart-Health Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Fall Yardwork Can Strain Your Heart

Preparing for winter usually means lots of leaf-raking, tree-trimming and gutter-cleaning. It’s known that shoveling snow can put you at risk for heart attack, particularly if you’re older or have heart disease. If that’s the case, it’s important to be careful during your fall clean-up, too.  Why yardwork can put you at risk Cardiologist David … Read More

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