5 Heart-Healthy Grilling Options for Your Next Cookout

Most meat lovers already know the ugly truth: Eating red meat can increase your risk of heart disease. Study after study shows the link. But what’s a cookout without burgers and brats? Turns out it can still be a blazing success.  Dietitian Kate Patton and intern Sara Saliba within Cleveland Clinic’s Section of Preventive Cardiology … Read More

Recipe: Grilled Chicken & Veggies Over Linguine

This light, one-dish meal is delicious dish to make on the grill. Use whole wheat pasta and fresh vegetables to make it high in fiber, and substitute a low-fat for a full-fat dressing to cut both fat and calories. Be creative, and use any vegetables in season that you have on hand. Ingredients 4 boneless, skinless … Read More

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Recipe: Baked Boneless Buffalo Chicken Strips

Make these spicy chicken “wings” lower in fat by using skinless chicken and heart-healthy canola oil. Use hot red pepper sauce instead of traditional barbeque sauce to eliminate the extra sugar. Ingredients 2 pounds skinless boneless chicken (dark or white) ¾ cup flour (all-purpose or white whole wheat) ½ tsp ground cayenne pepper ½ tsp … Read More

Recipe: Ginger-Peanut Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Packed lunches can get boring, but this flavorful and healthy chicken salad wrap will spice up your work week. Replace mayo with peanut butter to cut out unhealthy saturated fats with replace with healthy unsaturated fats. Exotic ingredients like ginger, lime, and soy create a new twist on an old standby. Ingredients Chicken salad ingredients … Read More

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Recipe: Grilled Chicken Pesto Pizza

It’s fun and healthy to make pizza on the grill. It’s also quick and easy — and sure to be a family favorite. You can experiment with different vegetables and fruits on your grill this season for a healthy, tasty meals. Ingredients 1 package prepared whole-wheat pizza crust (found in refrigerated section) ½ cup prepared … Read More