Best of Both Worlds: A Natural Birth in a Hospital

Krista Afumbom’s birth experience took an unexpected harrowing turn but ended with the safe delivery of her healthy son. She intended to have a natural, drug-free birth as she did with her first child, Abigail. One evening at home, Ms. Afumbom started having contractions that grew in intensity. She tracked the increasing frequency of her … Read More

Preparing for Your Baby Boy: The Circumcision Decision

Young Abigail Afumbom has been looking forward to having a new baby brother for many weeks. It won’t be long now. But when her parents learned she would have a brother, they faced an important decision. Should he be circumcised? The family can’t wait to meet the new baby. Krista Afumbom’s mother-in-law, a retired midwife … Read More

Baby on the Way: Use These Tips to Prepare Siblings

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, Krista Afumbom is ready for her baby to arrive. And the Lakewood mother of one and husband Ferdinand are working to make sure daughter Abigail is also ready when baby brother Kai arrives. “We’ve been talking about him for a long time,” Ms. Afumbom says. “We’ve been talking about him … Read More

Midwife Is Equal Parts Nurse, Coach, Advocate

Many women looking for a more personal and intimate birthing experience choose a midwife instead of an OB-GYN and the conventional doctor-patient relationship that goes with it. Krista Afumbom, 34, had a water birth with her first child and is preparing to labor in water with her second baby in April. Both times she chose … Read More

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Pregnant? Explore Your Alternative Birth Options, Trends

From hypnobirthing to water labor, more women are exploring alternative options to a conventional labor and delivery experience. The majority of women give birth in a hospital rather than at home. But now it’s quite common for women to use relaxation techniques like prenatal yoga and massage therapy during their pregnancies and aromatherapy, massage and … Read More

Finding Out Your Baby’s Sex Has Its Advantages

Grandparents want to know. Aunts-to-be usually ask. The question is: Do you want to know your baby’s sex before it’s born? Some women like finding out. Others want to be surprised. Parents’ choice “It’s a personal choice,” says OB/GYN Rebecca Starck, MD, Department Chair, Regional Obstetrics and Gynecology at Cleveland Clinic. “At 18 to 20 … Read More

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New Mom Focuses on Joys of Motherhood, Not Risks of MS

There was a little scare during Dion W.’s delivery of her first child, in June. Her baby’s heart rate became elevated, leading to a cesarean section for Dion and some time for the baby in the neonatal intensive care unit at Hillcrest Hospital. But Dion’s multiple sclerosis was not a factor during delivery. [Tweet “C-section, … Read More