As First-time Mom, You Need Answers, Support

Information and support: That’s what most first-time moms want. You want to know you have the skills to take on parenthood. Babies don’t come with an owner’s manual, so many moms-to-be take childbirth education classes as part of their birthing experiences. They want to replace rumors with facts and concerns with competence. Preparing moms-to-be Cleveland … Read More

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When Fistula Interferes With Your Life, Get Help

If your bowels and urinary tract are like a plumbing system, a fistula is like an untrained plumber. It connects things that should not be connected. Fistula is a condition in which organs or vessels in your body form abnormal passageways. For example, a connection forms between the anus and vagina or the bladder and … Read More

Pregnant? Find the Best Fit for Your Birth Plan

New options are opening up to pregnant women who want the best of both worlds: a natural, home-like delivery in the safety of a hospital. In her pregnancy, Krista Afumbom was searching for this unique combination, a water birth with a nurse midwife within a hospital setting. “I wanted a natural, drug-free delivery, and I … Read More

Why Consider a Hospital With a NICU?

Every mother-to-be hopes for a smooth delivery when it’s time for her baby to be born. “The delivery is an important and usually pleasant time,” says neonatologist Firas Saker, MD. “But even with a healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery can take an unexpected course.” Being able to plan the childbirth experience you want in a … Read More

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Female Sexual Dysfunction: Loss of Desire

Drugs that treat sexual dysfunction in men, such as sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis), have been a huge success. However, women don’t have an equivalent medication solution for sexual problems. Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) refers to sexual problems for women in the areas of arousal, desire and orgasm. In some cases of FSD, intercourse itself … Read More