When to Get Help for School Anxiety

It’s normal for kids from preschool to high school age to experience some nervousness and anxiety early in the school year. As the early weeks unfold, most kids quickly gain confidence and settle into a routine. However, for some students — and their families — the anxiety continues to build. School-related anxiety and school refusal … Read More

How You Can Prevent Constipation in Your Kids

What can you do to help keep your kids from getting constipated? Lori Mahajan, MD, a pediatric constipation expert at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital, shares some tips to prevent constipation in children. 1. Include fiber How much fiber is good enough? To figure out how many grams of fiber your child should consume each day, add five to their age. For … Read More

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Does My Baby or Toddler Have Constipation?

It’s a common problem but can be hard to spot: constipation in babies or very young children. Lori Mahajan, MD, a pediatric gastroenterologist at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital, says that up to 30 percent of children at some point in childhood will experience constipation. Symptoms of constipation can be hard to spot, but here’s what … Read More