Teach ‘Stranger Danger’ in 4 Easy Steps

You want your child to be independent, but safe. Unless you talk to your child about “Stranger Danger,” it may be hard to know when to use caution vs. trust. Discussing Stranger Danger is a must whether your child is entering preschool or high school, says Alan H. Rosenthal, MD, pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic’s Chagrin … Read More

Recipe: Wheat Berry Salad

You’ll love the nutty sweetness of this light summer side. Packed with fiber and low in sugar and sodium, it goes well with burgers, chicken or a vegetarian entrée. Ingredients 1 cup hard wheat berries 1½ tablespoons red wine vinegar ¼ + ⅛ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon black pepper 1½ tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 3-ounce … Read More

Road Tripping? Get 5 Facts About Car-Seat Safety

School is out, and it’s prime time for family vacations. If you’re a parent planning to hit the road with young kids, keep car safety in mind. Car seat recommendations can be confusing, but Michael Macknin, MD, a pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital, offers the following facts to smooth your bumpy road. 1. Rear-facing … Read More

Does Your Kid Need More Sleep?

In order for your kids to excel at their ABC’s, you have to make sure they’re getting enough z’s. A recent poll revealed more than 60 percent of kids age 6 – 11 don’t hit the sack until after 9 p.m. Jyoti Krishna, MD, who treats pediatric sleep disorders, says children in this age group … Read More

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Milk Allergies: What Parents Need to Know

You cradle your baby in your arms and give her a gently warmed bottle of formula. But within minutes, the peaceful scene is shattered by crying, then vomiting. If this scene is familiar for you, could your baby be allergic to cow’s milk? “There are many possible causes for this scenario,” says Brian Schroer, MD, … Read More

Are You Hyperparenting?

As parents, many of us feel driven to help our children become more successful than we are. The story is as old as time. Our parents felt that way. So did their parents. But today’s parents focus on children’s achievement starting at birth, wanting kids to experience success in every endeavor — and to feel … Read More

Video: Better Sleep for Your Child

If you’re waging bedtime battles with your kids on a nightly basis, you’re not alone. According to the National Sleep Foundation, as many as 70 percent of kids under age 10 may experience a sleep problem. Jyoti Krishna, MD, a pediatric sleep physician at Cleveland Clinic, says one common problem parents deal with at bedtime … Read More

New Rules for School Lunches

School lunches subsidized by the federal government will now be getting a whole lot healthier, according to new rules. A few of the changes: Pizza will be made with healthier ingredients, entire meals will have calorie caps, and most trans fats will be banned. Sodium will gradually decrease over a 10-year period. Milk will have … Read More

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Managing Video Game and TV Time for Children

There’s no escaping screen-centered media these days. As parents, we see video games, computers and television occupying far too much of children’s time. And with research pointing out the negative effects of too much screen time — a sedentary lifestyle, lack of interest in schoolwork, reduced social interaction, even violent behavior — it’s no wonder … Read More

Video: A Healthier Easter Basket

Easter baskets are typically filled with candy and chocolate, but there are healthier options you can try that kids will love. “Switch over to dried fruits,” says Cleveland Clinic registered dietitian Carrie Gonzales. “Yogurt-covered raisins would be an example. It’s still sweet but a little on the healthier side. Replace those cream-filled eggs with just … Read More