How to Take Care of Your Aching Back as You Age

You may not be aware of it, but your spine starts to age in your 20s and 30s, and that continues throughout the rest of your life. “We all experience degenerative changes, but the good news is that these changes don’t always cause serious problems,” says spine specialist Kush Goyal, MD. There is no actual … Read More

Need a Nerve Block? 4 Things You Should Know

For many people who suffer with severe pain, nerve blocks have become part of their treatment. These injections of local anesthetic and steroid directly to the area of the affected nerve can help with pain control and improve function and quality of life. Often, the goal is to help people avoid surgery and to take … Read More

How Yoga Can Help a Sore Back

Certified yoga therapist Judi Bar demonstrates yoga postures that you can integrate into your day to help ease tight muscles and relieve an aching back. Try to do these exercises every day to keep your muscles loose and limber. Simple yoga movements like leaning, bending and twisting can relieve lower back pain. They are also … Read More