National Wear Red Day

Celebrate National Wear Red Day by learning about the special signs and gender-specific symptoms of heart attacks in women from a top Cleveland Clinic expert, A. Marc Gillinov, MD, as featured on NBC nightly news.

Getting Personal (Video)

Every surgical case requires a coordinated effort, and relationships make all the difference. The importance of strong relationships extends beyond internal team dynamics to include the patient and family in our care. According to Gabriel Loor, MD, a third year resident at Cleveland Clinic, “Our success hinges on the relationships we establish—that rapport with each … Read More

Quality Measures: More Harm Than Good?

Certain patient safety efforts look better on paper than they do when put into practice. Quality measures are a big deal these days, and for good reason. They are designed to protect patients. The question is, can some of these “standards” cause more harm than good? What are quality measures? Basically, quality measures are standards … Read More

Smooth Operating (Video)

It’s the final year of residency for Gabriel Loor, and he’s dealt with a range of complex cases. But now he gets to perform a coronary bypass surgery under the guidance of internationally recognized Cleveland Clinic heart surgeons. There’s nothing more thrilling. Step inside the surgical suite with Dr. Loor as part of our ongoing … Read More

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Documentary Sheds Light on American Healthcare

“Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare” takes us on a journey with a patient and a physician to get an inside view of the problems facing America’s healthcare system. Woven through these stories is expert commentary from leaders in different fields. They explain the history and shed light on the challenges we face … Read More

Stents Vent Iliac and Vena Cava Clots (Video)

Blocked inferior vena cava or iliac veins can cause discomfort, swell the legs and inhibit mobility. Daniel Clair, MD, chair of Vascular Surgery, and his colleagues have experience treating these and other rare conditions minimally invasively – offer relief at the least disruption of the patient’s lives. Hear Dr. Clair tell how stents can hold these blocked … Read More

Procedure is Relieving DVT Symptoms

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is an increasingly common occurrence for both inpatients and outpatients. This problem leads to swelling and disability. Thrombolysis is an inpatient procedure that provides long-term relief and reduced health risks for patients.

Moving Medical Innovations to Market

Once the Cleveland Clinic Innovations team “green lights” an idea for a medical innovation, the next step is deciding if the idea is a stand-alone product or if it could be grown to something bigger—a whole new way of doing things. “A single idea can evolve into a platform technology,” says Mary Kander senior commercialization … Read More

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Heart Disease: Four Facts You Might Not Like

Human beings are naturally drawn to big promises, easy solutions and pat answers. This is especially true in the case of heart disease. Here are four facts that it seems like nobody wants to know. 1. Forty percent of people who have heart attacks have few or no risk factors. We hear about these people … Read More

Running at Resident Pace

Surgery on the second day of residency? Jocelyn Beach, MD, didn’t expect this swift initiation, but she welcomed the opportunity and has spent the last month pouring 80 hours a week into working inpatient floors and performing in the operating room. The life of a resident is grueling—and rewarding. Here, Jocelyn takes us on the … Read More