Relying on Patients for Good Remote Device Data

New technologies are making healthcare more efficient all the time. Today, remote monitoring of implanted heart devices is a growing technology. “We are now moving to a paradigm of continuous remote monitoring, with events being flagged for the physician’s attention within hours of happening,” explains Edmond Cronin, MD, Electrophysiology Resident, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine.  This … Read More

Heart Failure Classes Are Helping Many

When patients are diagnosed with heart failure, they learn that they need to make lifestyle changes. Coping with these adjustments isn’t easy. Clinical Nurse Specialist Theresa Cary, MSN, RN, found a way to help. In January, she partnered with a pharmacist and a dietitian to begin teaching classes designed to give heart failure patients the information … Read More

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The Bright Ideas Transforming Heart Care

The energy of Cleveland Clinic’s top-ranked heart care is helping to inspire innovators across Northeast Ohio find new ways to diagnose and treat heart disease. Read about the latest in The Plain Dealer’s exciting special feature on cardiac innovations — past and future. You may also be interested in another special feature from The Plain … Read More

The Heart Squad

They were not like everybody else. The men and woman who pioneered heart care in Northeast Ohio in the second half of the 20th century were mavericks, outsiders and geniuses. Learn their stories in The Plain Dealer’s special feature on Cleveland’s cardiac innovators. You may also be interested in another special feature from the Plain Dealer … Read More

18 Innovations: Echocardiography on the Space Station

There is no Cleveland Clinic in space. Yet. But today’s space travelers benefit from innovations led by Cleveland Clinic cardiologist James D. Thomas, MD. Back in 1997, Dr. Thomas received a grant from NASA to develop a digital echocardiology services for the International Space Station (ISS). He and his team developed the means to read … Read More

Top 5 List for Fellowship

After spending three years as a fellow at Cleveland Clinic, Gabriel Loor, MD, has learned a thing or two about living and working in Cleveland. Here, as part of our ongoing series he offers a handful of pointers for first-year fellows—this is his chief administrative year—so they can take advantage of the rich resources at Cleveland … Read More

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First Week Down

Only one week has passed and Jason Lappe, MD, is shifting into a comfortable rhythm as a first-year fellow at Cleveland Clinic. He is surrounded by supportive colleagues. And at home, he and his wife are settling into their new home and eager to explore the crop of new restaurants and destinations in the area. Here … Read More

Practice Time

Well, now it’s official. Jocelyn Beach, MD, has her white coat, prescription pad and her dream “match” as a first-year resident at Cleveland Clinic’s Heart & Vascular Institute. Now, the real experience begins and Jocelyn reflects on the weight of the responsibility she earned during medical school. Here she begins her story as part of … Read More