Aspirin: Take it Without a Break

If you’ve been popping an aspirin a day on doctor’s orders, here’s a new order: Don’t stop.  A new study shows that patients with a history of heart disease who drop their aspirin-a-day regimen increase their risk of a heart attack by as much as 60 percent. “This study highlights the importance of staying on … Read More

Cleveland Clinic Nurse Saves Boy From Drowning

While relaxing at the Fox Meadows Country Club pool in Medina on a sunny summer day, Cleveland Clinic nurse Susan Kalucis, CNP, was hardly expecting to deal with any of the fast-paced activity she sees daily in the Cardiothoracic Outpatient department. It ended up being a very different “day-off” when Kalucis and her friend Lisa … Read More

Week 2: The Marriage of Art and Science

Austin Petsche, a junior from Western Reserve Academy, is a student volunteer this summer in the Heart and Vascular Institute . While here Austin wrote his insights on things to see and do in and around the institute. Here is the next installment of his weekly write up.  You may not realize that art and medicine … Read More

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