What’s New in Pain Treatments

Treatment of pain, particularly headaches and back and cancer pain, has always been a challenge. Recent technological developments in pain management, as well as new variations on ancient methods, can help to eliminate or ease tough pain. Here are a few of these treatments that have shown success in pain management. Headache pain Occipital nerve … Read More

Should You Volunteer to Try a New Therapy?

If you have a condition that is difficult to treat, your doctor might offer to enroll you into a clinical trial of a new therapy. Should you accept? Before making this decision, it’s important to understand that clinical trials look at new ways to prevent, detect or treat disease. They are research studies done in … Read More

Cancer Clinical Trials: What They Mean for You

Cancer clinical trials aim to improve the outlook for people with cancer. These research studies are done in patients. They may test new cancer drugs (chemotherapies or targeted therapies), new surgical techniques, or new types of radiation therapy. They may study new ways to deliver treatment or new ways to combine treatments. Four phases of … Read More