Do Concussions Lead to Depression?

Playing in the National Football League may offer glory and fame, but as players age, they may also experience some negative brain-related side effects. Repeated concussions may be tied to depression, a study finds. The two-year study followed 34 ex-players with an average age of 62. Researchers found a high correlation between the history of … Read More

Signs of a Concussion

If somone had a concussion, would you know the symptoms? It’s especially important for coaches and trainers to know the symptoms of a concussion, says Rick Figler, MD, a primary care sports medicine physician who treats concussions at Cleveland Clinic Sports Health. Symptoms include the following: Dizziness Lightheadedness Wobbling or stumbling off the field Lack of concentration … Read More

An iPad App for Concussions

This time of year, players suit up in pads and helmets and take to the football field for a game of big hits. Collisions are part of the sport’s appeal, but everyone from youth leagues to the NFL has expressed concern about the long-term damage of concussions. Biomedical engineer Jay L. Alberts, PhD, has created … Read More