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Elderly woman asleep with CPAP positioned over nose.

Should You Use a CPAP Machine When You’re Sick?

It’s OK to take a break while you’re sick, but using your PAP device could help you feel better

Person sleeping in bed with tape on mouth to stop snoring.
September 7, 2022/Sleep

Mouth Taping: Is It Safe?

Mouth taping isn’t a recommended treatment for sleep apnea or snoring

woman using pap machine while sleeping
June 9, 2020/Sleep

Can PAP Therapy Machines Increase the Risk of Spreading the Coronavirus?

Find out how you can keep yourself and those around you safe

Implantible device replacement for CPAP
January 22, 2019/Sleep

Don’t Like CPAP? An Implantable Device Is Another Option for Your Sleep Apnea

FDA-approved nerve stimulator helps open your airway


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