Should You Let Your Baby ‘Cry It Out’ and Sleep? (Video)

There she is, your beautiful baby. Her eyes are finally closing as her chest begins to rise and fall. And then what seems like split second later, she’s up, and she’s crying. Again. Should you use the cry it out method? Experts say there is something more moderate you could try: graduated extinction. Watch to learn more.

Probiotics May Not Be Answer for Colic

Probiotics are live bacteria in food that may enhance the good bacteria in our bodies, helping to ease certain gastrointestinal complaints like gas, bloating and diarrhea. So it’s no surprise probiotics’ potential gastrointestinal-soothing benefits have led some anxious parents to try using them to help their colicky, crying babies, too. ‘Jury out’ on using probiotics … Read More

The ABCs of Crying

Contributor: Emma Raizman, MD, Pediatrician New parents often come to me worried about how much their baby cries. Crying is normal in all babies — it’s how they communicate. Even healthy babies without colic, illness or discomfort can cry for two to three hours a day. Research shows that there is a normal cycle for … Read More