Baby Boomers: You Can Preserve Your Sight

Most of us get our eyes checked routinely — especially if we need a prescription for glasses or contacts. But there’s a more important reason to get annual examinations after age 65: the changes that occur with age. Even if our vision seems fine, certain age-related eye conditions develop very slowly, notes Cleveland Clinic Cole … Read More

Why You Should Consider a Yearly Eye Exam

Your next trip to the ophthalmologist could reveal more than a vision problem. It turns out, you can find out a lot about your health during an eye exam. Ophthalmologist Rishi Singh, MD, says diseases and other issues may show up when you have your eyes checked. What your eye exam could reveal Dr. Rishi … Read More

18 Innovations: National Diet Heart Study

Bacon. Steak. Ice cream. As recently as 50 years ago, people shoveled mountains of fatty animal products down their throats without a thought for cardiovascular disease. Cleveland Clinic researcher Irvine Page, MD, was heckled when speaking publicly on the dangers of dietary fat. That changed when the National Diet Heart Study was launched in the … Read More

Know Your Family History

What if a stroll down memory lane could save your life? When it comes to family history, it can. Knowing funny stories about your relatives makes for great fun at family gatherings — but knowing that three of your ancestors had diabetes or that your grandmother had breast cancer at an early age may help … Read More

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Diabetes: Making Healthy Choices

“The best thing patients with diabetes can do for themselves is to change their dietary habits,” says Sue Cotey, RN, CDE, Program Coordinator of the Lennon Diabetes Center at Cleveland Clinic Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center. “Proper nutrition can often be more powerful than medication when it comes to treating diabetes. Some people will notice … Read More

Video: Aspirin Linked to Internal Bleeding

Does an aspirin a day keep the heart doctor away? Low-dose aspirin therapy has long been touted as a way to reduce your risk for heart trouble. But a new Italian study finds that for some people, the benefits of using low-dose aspirin may be outweighed by an increased risk of bleeding in the stomach … Read More

Diabetes Is a Weighty Matter for Teens (Video)

If you think cardiovascular disease and diabetes are primarily concerns as you age, think again. A new study finds high levels of cardiovascular risk factors, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol, among overweight and obese teens. On top of that, the same group has seen a surge in prediabetes and diabetes. Researchers at … Read More

Take Control of Your Heart Failure

Keeping your heart healthy. So much of it comes down to lifestyle choices. Of course, some risk factors such as age and family history cannot be changed. But research tells us that small lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of heart disease and can even reverse the symptoms of heart failure. Heart failure means that … Read More

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Surgery May Control Diabetes (Video)

Tim Ferree used to struggle to manage his type 2 diabetes and weight-related conditions — but that was before he had gastric bypass surgery. Now he is 60 pounds lighter and does not need medicine to control high blood pressure or cholesterol. Ferree is not alone in that experience. He took part in the recently … Read More