Can Your Dog Sniff Out Cancer? So Can Your Doctor

Several research studies suggest that our four-legged friends may be able to help our health in even more life-saving ways: by picking up the scent of chemical compounds present in melanoma and cancers of the prostate, bladder, lung and breast.

5 Healthy Habits You Can Learn From Your Dog

Instead of just wishing you had a dog’s life, why not pick up some of your pet’s healthy habits, says Emma Raizman, MD, a pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic Children’s. Start with these five tips. [tn3 origin=”album” ids=”633″ transitions=”default” responsive=”1″]

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How to Care for a Child With Epilepsy

If your child has epilepsy, the usual parental warnings — never swim alone, always wear a helmet when you ride your bike — take on added urgency because of the risk of seizures. You’re always on guard. But you can take steps to gain peace of mind and prevent serious issues, says Deepak Lachhwani, MBBS, … Read More

How to Approach a Dog (Video)

They’re man’s best friend, but dogs are not always approachable, especially if they are unfamiliar with you. Emma Raizman, MD is a pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic’s Children’s Hospital. She says the safe way to approach an unfamiliar dog is slowly, with your palm up. “When you come up to a dog and bend over it … Read More

DNA for Dogs

In my last blog post, I talked about personal genomic testing for people. It turns out these tests are also available for man’s best friend, as my family found out after welcoming a new puppy into our home a few months ago. The idea behind the test is the same, too. Using a fairly simple … Read More