How to Shorten the Wait for Heart Transplant

Heart transplant is the best treatment for people with end-stage heart failure. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough donor hearts to go around. Many patients die waiting for one. But Cleveland Clinic heart transplant specialist Eileen Hsich, MD, has proposed a way to fix the problem.

Rebuilding Lives After Disfiguring Injuries (Slideshow)

Today’s plastic surgeons do amazing work. But normal reconstructions are impossible when damage is extensive. Astonishing advances in reconstructive transplantation offer hope. These lengthy, intricate procedures use healthy tissues from deceased donors. [tn3 origin=”album” ids=”634″ transitions=”default”]   Illustrations by Mark Sabo, Cleveland Clinic Center for Medical Art & Photography

Life Cords for Transplant Patients

With bone marrow transplants we try to beat leukemia, lymphoma and other serious blood diseases by replacing unhealthy blood-forming cells in your bone marrow with healthy ones. Cord blood transplant is one of the newer options we have for these procedures. Cord blood is umbilical cord blood, taken from a baby’s umbilical cord and placenta … Read More

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