A Day in the Life of Jocelyn Beach, MD

July started a new academic year as I transitioned into my second year of residency and welcomed in a new group of residents and fellows. I finished my year at main campus in vascular surgery, and was fortunate to start the new one doing the same at Hillcrest Hospital. In general compared to main campus, … Read More

Making Life and Death Decisions

Jocelyn Beach, MD, an intern in Cleveland Clinic’s integrated vascular surgery program, didn’t know what she was in for when she began her four-week rotation focusing on trauma cases at MetroHealth Medical Center. From motorcycle accidents to shootings and stabbings, Dr. Beach says, “It seemed like Cleveland had saved up its traumas for my team.” … Read More

Running at Resident Pace

Surgery on the second day of residency? Jocelyn Beach, MD, didn’t expect this swift initiation, but she welcomed the opportunity and has spent the last month pouring 80 hours a week into working inpatient floors and performing in the operating room. The life of a resident is grueling—and rewarding. Here, Jocelyn takes us on the … Read More

Practice Time

Well, now it’s official. Jocelyn Beach, MD, has her white coat, prescription pad and her dream “match” as a first-year resident at Cleveland Clinic’s Heart & Vascular Institute. Now, the real experience begins and Jocelyn reflects on the weight of the responsibility she earned during medical school. Here she begins her story as part of … Read More

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