The Best Bypass Surgery Option for Diabetic Patients

Sometimes, two arteries are better than one. For diabetics who have multivessel or extensive coronary artery disease, we have learned that bypass surgery to give blood a new pathway to the heart is better than angioplasty, which involves using a tiny device to open up narrowed blood vessels. The use of bypass surgery is supported by … Read More

How Modern Imaging Technology Enhances Your Heart Surgery

Today, advances in digital imaging enhance the surgeon’s vision, allowing us to see the heart better than ever before. This new “set of eyes” empowers us to decide on the best treatment plan. We can now successfully perform very complicated procedures that were not possible before. Developing tools of the trade  Centuries ago, scientists could … Read More

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Have Diabetes? Do This for a More Successful Surgery (Video)

Patients with diabetes face special challenges during and after cardiovascular and thoracic surgery. We know that patients with uncontrolled blood sugar levels do worse following surgery than patients who carefully manage blood sugar levels. The risk of serious side effects after surgery is higher for patients with uncontrolled diabetes than it is for patients whose … Read More

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