End-of-Life Care: Who Will Speak for You?

No one wants to consider their own mortality. Eventually, though, it’s something we all must face, so it’s best to make some hard decisions now, to guide our loved ones and healthcare providers about what we want at the end of life.

4 Reasons You Should Go Digital for Health Records

If you’ve noticed your doctors using tablets in the exam room, don’t fret — they’re not playing games or watching Netflix. They’re using electronic health records (EHRs). As of 2013, 78 percent of office-based doctors were using some form of EHR, and paper files are on their way out. You don’t get to choose your … Read More

Top 3 Benefits of a Digital Family History

There’s a reason I mention family health history in almost every blog post: It’s an important tool in your doctor’s tool box for helping predict your risk for disease. What “runs in your family” matters. Family health history is a cornerstone of personalized healthcare, a trend shaping the future of medical care, according to Cleveland … Read More

Electronic Medical Records Transform Patient Care

Contributor: A. Marc Harrison, MD, CEO, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi When it became possible to digitize medical records, it made life better for patients. The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) has had far-reaching effects on medicine – driving up access, safety, transparency, operational excellence and quality. Very few patients around the world have free access to … Read More

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4 Ways the Human Genome Project Changed Medicine

Researchers are devoted to figuring out what makes you and me tick — and then making us tick better. Based on that idea, the Human Genome Project was a massive milestone. Results of this international project were announced in April 2003. Researchers set out to identify the 20,000–25,000 genes in our DNA and then give … Read More

How Safe Is Your Electronic Health Information?

Over the last few years, you may have noticed that your healthcare provider, who once carried a clipboard and pen, now uses a computer to document your appointments. This is a sweeping, mandated change. By 2015, providers who do not transition to an electronic medical record will be penalized according to the Health Information for … Read More

Could IBM’s Watson Be a Doctor’s Best Sidekick?

It takes a big brain to win on Jeopardy, and IBM’s artificial intelligence Watson proved its mental merits by doing so in 2011. Now Watson is Cleveland Clinic’s newest medical student. One day, Watson could help your doctor make better decisions about your health and treatment. IBM and Cleveland Clinic are partnering on projects that … Read More