‘Sexting’ Can Indicate Other Sexual Behaviors in Teens

A middle-schooler who sends friends sexually explicit texts is more likely to engage in other sexual behaviors as well, a recent study says. Psychologist Kate Eshleman, Psy.D explains, “The study found a relationship between sending sexually explicit messages or photos and other high-risk behaviors such as engaging in sexual behaviors, including genital touching up to intercourse.” … Read More

Limit Kids’ ‘Screen Time’ to Avoid Back Pain

Contributor: Hilary Coughlin, PT, Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Program Do you often find your child hunched over a tablet playing video games or slouched on the floor watching TV? Poor posture is a common cause of back pain and soreness for children. In a study of back pain in 648 children and adolescents, 50 percent of … Read More

Parents: Give Kids’ Screen Time a Time-out

As a parent, you worry that your kids spend too much time staring at screens on their media devices — whether it’s their phone, computer, TV or tablet. You may not realize that the average 8- to 10-year-old child spends nearly eight hours a day with different media. For older kids, the number goes up … Read More

Be a Good Keeper of Your Peepers

Today, we’re using our eyes more than ever before. We’re looking at computer screens, smart phones and tablets at all hours of the day — and this can cause dry eye and other irritation. But there are things you can do to minimize eye strain. Read the full story:  5 Fixes for Computer Vision Syndrome

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Can Kids Become ‘Addicted’ to iPads?

It’s the kind of sensational story that was destined to go viral. In April, London’s Telegraph newspaper reported that a British four-year-old who spends four hours a day on an iPad® has become so “addicted” that her parents send her to therapy. The story prompted worldwide shares, tweets and blogs, as serious questions about young … Read More

Good Chance Your Teen Texts While Driving

An alarming number of teens text while driving. Nearly 50 percent of the high school students surveyed in a study admit they engage in texting while driving. The study also finds teens who text and drive are more likely to engage in other risky business behind the wheel, putting themselves and others in danger. Texting … Read More

Kids and Sleep: ‘Screen Time’ Hurts Dream Time

It’s easy to assume that if your child is doing a sedentary activity, like watching TV or playing a video game, that he’s unwinding for bed. But not all sedentary activities are created equal. To help your child get a good night’s sleep, experts say avoid “screen time” – any time spent in front of … Read More

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Need Relief From Job Stress? Go Online

Now you can go online to reduce your job stress. And a new study shows that it works. Internet-based stress management programs (ISM) in the workplace will effectively reduce stress for a sustainable period, says a new Cleveland Clinic study. The study even suggests that reducing stress using ISM is as effective as managing stress … Read More