November: Epilepsy Awareness Month

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month, and in honor of patients and their families, we’ve put together information about diagnosis, treatment and more. Explore Health Hub Epilepsy Myths & Facts5 Things You Don’t Know About Childhood StrokeWhen a Runny Nose Leads to a SeizureHow to Care for a Child With EpilepsyEpilepsy Risks Increase With Age Explore … Read More

Children and Solutions for Serious Epilepsy

When medication fails and seizures are uncontrollable, children with epilepsy  have few options. Sometimes brain surgery can help, but doctors approach surgery cautiously. Here’s how they decide if surgery is an option. Doctors usually use 2 tests together to decide which patients are eligible: Electroencephalograph (EEG), or brain-wave reading. This normally looks like a wavy … Read More

Chat With a Doctor: Is Epilepsy Surgery Right for Me?

Register for Online Chat Do you have a question about new advances in epilepsy surgery? Imad Najm, MD, Director of Cleveland Clinic’s Epilepsy Center, Neurological Institute, and Jorge Gonzalez-Martinez, MD, PhD, epilepsy neurosurgeon, Neurological Institute, will answer your questions about this topic during a live webchat Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012, at noon (ET). Is Epilepsy … Read More

When a Fever Leads to a Seizure

When cold and flu season arrives, most parents expect their children to develop fever along with runny noses and ear infections. But few parents are prepared when fever causes a seizure. One in every 20 children with fever — typically between 6 months and 5 years of age — experiences a fever-related, or febrile, seizure. … Read More

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How to Care for a Child With Epilepsy

If your child has epilepsy, the usual parental warnings — never swim alone, always wear a helmet when you ride your bike — take on added urgency because of the risk of seizures. You’re always on guard. But you can take steps to gain peace of mind and prevent serious issues, says Deepak Lachhwani, MBBS, … Read More

Epilepsy Risks Increase With Age

The incidence of epilepsy is on the rise among baby boomers, the fastest-growing segment of society. Epilepsy is most common after age 65 as we become increasingly susceptible to conditions that trigger seizures. Strokes: Most common trigger In 80 percent of cases, strokes are the cause of adult-onset seizures. Brain tumors, head injuries and Alzheimer’s … Read More

5 Things You Don’t Know About Childhood Stroke

What do you think is more common in children: brain tumors or stroke? If you guessed brain tumors, you’re not alone. That’s the answer pediatric neurologist Neil Friedman, MBChB received when he asked the same question in a room full of healthcare professionals. In reality, stroke is about twice as common in children as brain … Read More