5 Free Fitness Apps: An Expert’s Take

A good exercise plan can help you lose weight — along with a healthy diet. But a good exercise plan also requires motivation, inspiration and a healthy dose of tracking. Some people hire a personal trainer to help, but not everyone has the time or budget for that. A quick look in Apple’s or Android’s … Read More

Fitness: The Best Couple’s Therapy

Want to get fit? Then bring your spouse along for a bike ride, says James Manson, Director of Exercise Physiology at Cleveland Clinic Canada. Spouses or couples who work out together create a social support network that benefits them both, explains Mr. Manson. Working out together acts as a motivator to increase individual activity and … Read More

Marathons: Training for a Stronger Performance

Myth: Strength training increases bulk and hinders performance.Fact: Strength training helps improve your running economy, decrease your risk of injury and make your running more effective. Want to run a marathon? Include strength training in your workout plans, says Cleveland Clinic Sports Health exercise physiologist Heather Nettle, MA. Strength training helps you build muscles and … Read More

How to Succeed With Exercise

There are a lot of reasons why so many of us drop out of an exercise routine. For starters, we jump into a program that’s too ambitious (read: unrealistic) to maintain. When we can’t stick with it, because it’s too demanding, we get discouraged and drop out completely. If you don’t work out at all, … Read More

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The Week in Wellness

Does coffee get a bad rap? Can certain diets reduce inflammation in your body? What mental workouts will boost your brain? Read on for answers in this week’s top stories from Cleveland Clinic 360-5, a site devoted to wellness through mind, body and food solutions. 1. Coffee, Tea and Heart Health Coffee has a bad … Read More