Learning from the Heart Experts (Video)

Cardiothoracic surgery fellow Michael Robich, MD gives us an inside look at what it’s like to care for heart surgery patients before, during and after an operation. See how working with some of the top heart surgeons at Cleveland Clinic is helping him become the best cardiothoracic surgeon he can be.

A Day in the Life of Jocelyn Beach, MD

July started a new academic year as I transitioned into my second year of residency and welcomed in a new group of residents and fellows. I finished my year at main campus in vascular surgery, and was fortunate to start the new one doing the same at Hillcrest Hospital. In general compared to main campus, … Read More

The View from Halfway

So much accomplished—yet so much ahead to do. Jason Lappe, MD, is halfway through the first year of his fellowship at Cleveland Clinic, and he is building an impressive track record already. He has cared for several hundred intensive care unit (ICU) patients and performed more than 200 procedures. What’s next? Dr. Lappe reflects on some … Read More

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Getting Personal (Video)

Every surgical case requires a coordinated effort, and relationships make all the difference. The importance of strong relationships extends beyond internal team dynamics to include the patient and family in our care. According to Gabriel Loor, MD, a third year resident at Cleveland Clinic, “Our success hinges on the relationships we establish—that rapport with each … Read More

Making Life and Death Decisions

Jocelyn Beach, MD, an intern in Cleveland Clinic’s integrated vascular surgery program, didn’t know what she was in for when she began her four-week rotation focusing on trauma cases at MetroHealth Medical Center. From motorcycle accidents to shootings and stabbings, Dr. Beach says, “It seemed like Cleveland had saved up its traumas for my team.” … Read More

Smooth Operating (Video)

It’s the final year of residency for Gabriel Loor, and he’s dealt with a range of complex cases. But now he gets to perform a coronary bypass surgery under the guidance of internationally recognized Cleveland Clinic heart surgeons. There’s nothing more thrilling. Step inside the surgical suite with Dr. Loor as part of our ongoing … Read More

Learning Curves

Life’s learning curves are steep these days for Jason Lappe, MD, a Cleveland Clinic fellow. There’s his brand-new daughter, Emma, who was born this month. And there’s his role in electrophysiology service, where he’s getting more exposure and experience in diagnosing and treating patients with a variety of heart rhythm problems. Lappe reflects on life … Read More

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A New Doctor Learning to Adapt

While settling into residency, Jason Lappe, MD, is learning first-hand how physicians adapt in challenging clinical situations. Working in the cardiac catheterization lab, he discovered that you can use boiled water to heat and bend a catheter. Who would have thought? Dr. Lappe is inspired by the “in-the-trenches” training he is getting so far, and continues his … Read More

Running at Resident Pace

Surgery on the second day of residency? Jocelyn Beach, MD, didn’t expect this swift initiation, but she welcomed the opportunity and has spent the last month pouring 80 hours a week into working inpatient floors and performing in the operating room. The life of a resident is grueling—and rewarding. Here, Jocelyn takes us on the … Read More