9 Places Germs Are Lurking in Your Kitchen

About 9 percent of foodborne illness outbreaks occur in the home, but it’s almost impossible to tell where the bacteria may live with the naked eye. A new study identifies the top kitchen items that are commonly cross-contaminated during the preparation of a meal. Kansas State University researchers analyzed the food prep practices of 123 people.  … Read More

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Fridge, Freezer or Pantry? 10 Tips for Keeping Foods Fresh

You’ve returned from the farmer’s market or grocery store with a haul of healthy food. Now you wonder, where do I store it all? The answer — butter on the counter, anyone? — isn’t always as simple as it seems. Get storage guidelines for some common foods below, from condiments to main courses. ButterVerdict: Fridge … Read More

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How Long Is It Really Safe to Keep Foods?

So the label on the eggs in the fridge says “Sell by” yesterday’s date. You wonder if it’s safe to make that one last omelet. You hate to waste the eggs, but you want to be safe. A nutritionist provides sound advice about food safety for all your food groups.