4 Ways Value-Based Care Will Improve Your Health

You have probably heard a lot of heated debate about the future of healthcare. But have you heard a lot of helpful information? What do coming changes really mean for you, the patient? Take the concept of value-based healthcare, for example. At its most complex, value-based healthcare is an equation that balances lower cost and … Read More

The Great Consolidation Begins

Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to healthcare we’re finding that it usually is. Doctors, hospitals and medical centers across America are looking for ways to collaborate, consolidate and merge their resources. They’re discovering that high volume medical centers can produce better outcomes for many procedures and more effectively and efficiently provide care across a whole spectrum of services.

Healthcare: A Galaxy of Feelings

Patients come to the hospital at the most vulnerable times in their lives. They’re faced with critical conditions. They’re frightened. They need the full attention of dedicated caregivers.

But disease and injuries are complex. Caregivers need to focus on test results, data, disease processes, logistics and, of course, the patient.

‘A Model of Where We Need to Go’

The lead editorial in the New York Times is the most prestigious space in American journalism. On Dec. 25, 2012, the New York Times’ lead editorial was entirely devoted to Cleveland Clinic and its unique model of medicine.   With the headline, “Approaching Illness as a Team,” the New York Times hailed Cleveland Clinic (“long considered a … Read More

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A Futuristic Look at Healthcare and Heart Care

We all know that someday we’ll all be driving flying cars, fully prepared meals will come out of a slot in the wall, and families will winter on Venus. But what about heart care? What does the future hold in regards to treatment for the most common cause of death and disability? Cleveland Clinic experts … Read More