Gastric Bypass Surgery Puts Diabetes in Remission

A Cleveland Clinic study found that gastric bypass surgery can restore function of the pancreas and put diabetes in remission almost immediately. Endocrinologist Sangeeta Kashyap, MD, led the study. She says the results are “stunning” and offer hope to people struggling with both diabetes and weight gain. The pancreas provides the body with insulin. If … Read More

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The One Innovation That is Curing Diabetes

“First, do no harm.” That’s part of the Hippocratic Oath. Doctors take this very seriously. You don’t intervene where the risk of intervention is greater than the risk of the disease. But the No. 1 innovation on the Cleveland Clinic “Top Ten Medical Innovations” list for 2013 is something Hippocrates never dreamed of: bariatric surgery to treat diabetes.

Diabetes Remission After Gastric Bypass

The benefits of gastric bypass surgery appear to be long-term and go beyond weight loss. A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that obese people who had the surgery not only dropped and kept off a significant amount of weight, but also experienced frequent remission and lower incidence of diabetes, … Read More

Bariatric Surgery May Improve Diabetes (Video)

During gastric bypass, surgeons reduce the stomach from the size of an inflated football to the size of a golf ball, resulting in less eating and weight loss. However, the STAMPEDE trial, designed to test this surgery’s effect on type 2 diabetes, showed that the benefits go far beyond weight loss. In the trial, gastric … Read More