Medicare Considers Coverage of Genetic Prostate Cancer Test

Overtreatment of prostate cancer represents one of the most significant issues in men’s health today. As a result of the limited information available from a biopsy, more than 90 percent of low-risk patients undergo immediate treatment, such as prostate removal or radiation, despite having less than a 3 percent chance of their low-risk disease progressing to become deadly.

Gene in Children Linked to Higher Risk of Celiac Disease

Researchers may be a step closer to helping doctors to identify children born with a higher risk for Celiac disease, which ultimately could result in earlier treatment and fewer complications from the disorder. A new study points to a possible way to tell which babies are predisposed to developing the auto-immune disorder. In the study, researchers from Children’s … Read More

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Remarkable Story of a Girl and a Disfiguring Tumor (Video)

Our face in the mirror – it’s a sight we take for granted. But what if you could no longer recognize the reflection? Jessica Smith was 10 years old when she developed a rare genetic mutation, called fibrous dysplasia, which progressively damaged her face. Worse yet, each time other hospitals tried to surgically remove the … Read More

Guide to Genetic Testing: What Happens, What You Learn

It’s dizzying to consider how genetic testing could change our approach to managing our health, making it possible to focus effort based on risk, before a disease even develops. But it also raises complex questions about privacy. You might wonder whether the information that comes to light could raise your insurance premiums or affect an employer’s decision … Read More

Can Vitamin E Help Prevent Cancer?

If taking a vitamin every day prevented cancer, people would be lining up at the drugstore. In lab research, we have found that vitamin E may do exactly that, at least for certain patients. Among people with the genetic disorder Cowden Syndrome, vitamin E may slow or stop the cell damage that leads to cancer. … Read More

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: Could it Be Genetic?

Peek inside a brain afflicted with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) and you’ll see a sponge-like appearance due to damaged brain tissue caused by the disease. Though rare, the disease causes dementia-like symptoms that progress very quickly with little time for treatment. Experts say when the genetic form of CJD occurs in a family, family members should … Read More

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What Is Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (or more commonly “Duchess Kate”), has been in the news as she struggles with an uncommon, severe type of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum. While morning sickness commonly causes nausea and vomiting, hyperemesis gravidarum is much more severe, causing a pregnant woman to become dehydrated and to lose weight. According to high-risk obstetrician Amy … Read More

Myth Busting: BRCA Genes and Breast Cancer

Last week, we explored the myth that that you can’t improve your health because your genetics are predetermined. This week: A few myths about BRCA gene mutations and breast cancer. Let’s see how much you know about hereditary breast cancer and the BRCA gene mutation. Are these statements true or false? Myth 1: Most breast … Read More