5 Things You Need to Know About Personalized Healthcare

Confused by all this talk of “personalized healthcare”? Have no fear. Here are five facts about personalized healthcare that will help you and your doctors tailor care to your unique needs.   1. It all starts with family history Family history is the cornerstone of personalized healthcare. When we say family history, we are talking … Read More

The Genetics of Cancer

By Brian Bolwell, MD What if you could take a pill twice a day to treat cancer instead of going through surgery or other difficult treatments? Sound far-fetched? It’s not, thanks to genetic research and personalized medicine. For decades, experts have been challenged to figure out how to kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells … Read More

Which Drugs Work for You?

Did you ever wonder why a certain medicine works perfectly for your friend but has no effect on you? Or why different doses work for different people? Well, part of the answer to that question is your DNA. DNA not only determines your eye color, hair color and how tall you are, but it also … Read More

Can Your Genes Be Held Against You?

Genetic information is one of the most valuable forms of health information — but it’s also one of the most sensitive. Genetic tests can help diagnose diseases and even predict the probability you will develop a disease in the future. But many people fear that their genetic information may be used against them. For example, … Read More

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DNA by Mail: Personal Genomic Testing

You can order a lot of things online these days: electronics, clothes, music, even groceries. But did you know that you also can order your very own DNA test? Personal genomic testing is now being marketed to individual consumers and businesses. The basic idea is that you get a saliva sample kit in the mail, … Read More

Nutrigenomics: Skinny Genes and the Effects of Food

Have you ever wondered how the foods you and your family eat actually affect your health? Or why some people can eat certain foods and stay slim, but those same foods cause you to gain weight? Nutrigenomics, a form of science that combines nutrition and genetics, seeks to answer these questions and many more. Below … Read More

What Is Personalized Healthcare?

Is it concierge medicine? No. Is it executive health medicine? No. Does it refer to the patient experience? No. There are many definitions out there for personalized healthcare. Personalized healthcare and personalized medicine are often used synonymously, but understanding the differences is important. Personalized medicine refers specifically to the use of genetics and genomics. An … Read More

The Future of Personalized Healthcare

One day in the not-too-distant future, everything about your healthcare will be tailored to you. Doctors will know your genetic makeup, and they will use it to craft your care — from lifestyle recommendations to specific medications. They will know your risk for heart disease, cancer and other diseases, and they will help you take … Read More

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