4 Tips for Navigating Open Enrollment for Insurance

When open enrollment season for insurance arrives, you’ll face a wider range of choices than ever before — especially with a second round of enrollment for the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges starting in November. Heed this expert advice: Do your homework. When shopping for a plan, start with the basics of what you’re … Read More

When Caregivers Become Patients

https://youtu.be/1e1JxPCDme4Imagine you work in the health care industry: You have the knowledge. You make the rules. Until one day you yourself experience a major health problem. Suddenly, everything changes. Now, you’re the patient in the bed. You’re the one who’s helpless and dependent. That’s what happened to the health care workers in this video. The … Read More

Busting 4 Myths About Healthcare Reform

The national discussion about healthcare reform continues, especially as the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance marketplace coverage is set to take effect in January. Healthcare reform is a heated topic, and there is plenty of confusion about what is fact and what is fiction. As we all talk about the future of healthcare, our discussion … Read More

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Healthcare Reform: 4 Changes That Affect Patients

It has been more than three years since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law. In that time span, the debate over healthcare reform has remained as heated as ever. However, all politics aside, many patients wonder how the practical aspects of the law have affected their care — or will affect it … Read More

What Accountable Care Means for Patients

Let’s say you are a full-time office worker (which you may be). Is your salary based on how many tasks you perform during the day? How many reports you file? How many people you call? With some exceptions, the answer is probably no. Your salary is based on how well you do your job, including … Read More

4 Ways Value-Based Care Will Improve Your Health

You have probably heard a lot of heated debate about the future of healthcare. But have you heard a lot of helpful information? What do coming changes really mean for you, the patient? Take the concept of value-based healthcare, for example. At its most complex, value-based healthcare is an equation that balances lower cost and … Read More

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