A ‘Magic Bullet’ for Healthcare Costs

There are some people who say there is no simple way to lower the high cost of healthcare. They’ll tell you the problems are too complex and the system too entrenched. But I disagree. I’d like you to consider another possibility. It may not eliminate our cost problems altogether. But it has the potential to bring them down to manageable size.

The Future of Healthcare: Not Enough Doctors

By 2014, 40 million Americans will be newly insured under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its individual mandate. That, without a doubt, is good news. However, it also presents challenging questions to America’s hospitals: How do we accommodate this influx of patients? Will there be enough doctors and available appointments to meet this new demand?

The Healthcare Train Has Already Left the Station

Yes. Politics is important. But as far as healthcare reform is concerned, the real action is taking place far from Washington. It’s going on at hospitals and medical centers nationwide, where doctors, nurses and administrators have been making enormous changes to make American healthcare leaner, more efficient and more effective for patients and communities.

Can Your Genes Be Held Against You?

Genetic information is one of the most valuable forms of health information — but it’s also one of the most sensitive. Genetic tests can help diagnose diseases and even predict the probability you will develop a disease in the future. But many people fear that their genetic information may be used against them. For example, … Read More

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