Pregnancy Myth: You’re Eating for Two (Video)

When you’re pregnant, it’s often easy to overeat based on a simple idea: “I’m eating for two.” In reality, you need only about 300 extra calories per day to support healthy development of your baby. You’re not eating for two adults, after all. For perspective, 300 calories can come from a cup of Greek yogurt, … Read More

5 Ways to Boost Breast Health

Contributor: Stephanie Valente, DO Exercise and good eating are not only a one-two punch for better health. This powerful duo also lowers your risk of developing breast cancer. Or, if you are diagnosed with it, exercise and a healthy diet can increase your odds of beating the disease. Here’s five things you can do to … Read More

Help Kids Slim Down and Live Longer (Infographic)

What do type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, trouble making friends and falling grades have in common? They all affect kids who are too heavy.  Discover why kids’ weight is rising, the 5 warning signs for obesity, and tips for helping kids reach a healthy weight.

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Obesity Is Now Considered a Disease

Obesity isn’t just about being overweight anymore. It’s about life, health, and now, it’s about changing people’s attitudes. Obesity now considered a ‘disease’ The American Medical Association (AMA) has officially recognized obesity as a chronic disease. Defining obesity as a disease should spur physicians and patients — and insurers— to regard it as a serious … Read More

Can Surgery Help More People With Diabetes?

If you’re a morbidly obese adult suffering from diabetes, bariatric surgery is an option to help you lose weight and control your condition. But according to a new study, if you’re considered obese — but not morbidly obese — you too may benefit short-term from bariatric surgery. As for the hope that surgery may provide … Read More

4 Tips to Proper Portion Control

It’s not always easy to keep our eyes from becoming bigger than our stomachs, but there are some things you can do to develop proper portion control. Kristin Kirkpatrick, RD, a registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic, has these suggestions: 1. Use sandwich bags. Divvy up portions of foods like cereal or chips in sandwich bags … Read More

Want Weight Loss Without Surgery?

As a doctor, I work with bariatric surgery patients before or after procedures – and I support patients who want to lose weight without surgery. So how do I advise patients about weight loss? First, it depends on what the patient is interested in pursuing: surgical or non-surgical weight loss. If it is surgical weight … Read More

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Take Control of Your Heart Failure

Keeping your heart healthy. So much of it comes down to lifestyle choices. Of course, some risk factors such as age and family history cannot be changed. But research tells us that small lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of heart disease and can even reverse the symptoms of heart failure. Heart failure means that … Read More