Technique Beefs Up Your Heart’s Pumping Power

Our hearts rely on perfectly timed contractions to squeeze and refill an average of 100,000 times a day. When the electrical impulses driving this process are not uniform, certain areas of the main pumping chamber of the heart (left ventricle) may contract earlier than others. This reduces the heart’s ability to pump effectively, causing fatigue, … Read More

Unique Pacemaker Therapy Benefits Women Heart Patients

A unique pacemaker coupled with an implanted defibrillator benefits women with a specific kind of heart failure particularly well, according to new studies. However, it’s important to get the word out that women often don’t fit inside traditional treatment envelopes. Even though women do especially well with cardiac resynchronization therapy devices combined with an implanted defibrillator (CRT-D), … Read More

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Heart Failure Work-Up: What to Expect (Video)

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with heart failure, your cardiologist will do a work-up to determine the cause and severity. This information will help shape your treatment plan. Robert Hobbs, MD, cardiologist in Cleveland Clinic’s Section of Heart Failure and Transplantation Medicine at the Heart & Vascular Institute, will provide you … Read More