The Diet Proven to Protect Your Heart (Infographic)

Paella or souvlaki – the choice is yours. Pick any traditional dish from the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and you’re sure to be on your way to a healthier you. Loaded with fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, fish, lean meats and olive oil, the Mediterranean Diet is the diet research shows is best for your heart.

Recipe: Heart-Healthy Snack Mix

All trail mix is not created equal. Sometimes, sugar and fat can ruin what seems like a healthy snack option. This recipe is not only satisfying and flavorful — it is also good for you and good for your heart. Just remember that nuts, in particular, pack a calorie-punch, so a little goes a long … Read More

For better heart health – Know your numbers

Cleveland Clinic staff share their numbers with you: Dr. Gillinov, heart surgeon and co-author of Heart 411: BMI 22.8, LDL 87, BP 115/75.  Dr. Gillinov reveals his numbers and the steps he took to get them at Heart Surgeon Reveals All. Dr. Ellis, Section Head of Interventional Cardiology: BMI is 22, LDL is 110, BP 120/75.  How did … Read More