How to Shorten the Wait for Heart Transplant

Heart transplant is the best treatment for people with end-stage heart failure. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough donor hearts to go around. Many patients die waiting for one. But Cleveland Clinic heart transplant specialist Eileen Hsich, MD, has proposed a way to fix the problem.

Heart Transplant Patients Enjoying Longer Lives

In 2014, the Cleveland Clinic’s Cardiac Transplant Program marked its 30th anniversary, having performed more than 1,600 heart transplants in that time. About 4,000 heart transplantation procedures are performed annually worldwide. Cleveland Clinic’s program is the fifth largest heart transplant program in the country and the largest in Ohio. The program boasts survival rates of … Read More

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The Amazingly Simple Way Surgeons Make a New Heart Beat

Cleveland Clinic heart transplant surgeons use the most sophisticated technology in the world, but this amazing video proves we should never underestimate the profound power of human touch. This short video – just 30 seconds – takes you inside a Cleveland Clinic surgical suite. You’ll get a surgeon’s-eye view of a patient’s open chest cavity … Read More

Here Comes Human Heart, 2.1

The human heart changed forever in 1967. It went modular. The development of cardiac transplantation that year meant that hearts could now be switched in and out like flashlight batteries. But that was only the beginning. A whole array of mechanical devices can now be plugged into the heart to keep it going for months, … Read More

February 14 is National Donor Day, Too

Today across the U.S., more than 117,000 people are waiting for that gift of life from an organ donor. Trauma, bone damage, spinal injuries, burns, hearing impairment and vision loss are all reasons why someone may need an organ, tissue or blood donation at some point in their lives. It could happen to any one … Read More

Today’s Artificial Hearts Go With the Flow

Who says a heart has to go “thump”? Why not “whizzz”? A new generation of artificial hearts does just that. Today’s continuous flow ventricular assist devices (or VADs) have emerged as one of the few effective treatments for heart failure. They offer hope to late-stage patients who cannot receive or access a transplantable donor heart. … Read More

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Walking With Rowdy Hearts

They were the rowdy bunch in the transplant rehab unit of Cleveland Clinic, loud and laughing, working out together and growing a close friendship that has become contagious now that they’re home with new hearts. The nurses called Frank Bianchi, Holly Mulkerin and a few others, “The Rowdy Heart Waiters,” and the name stuck. Now … Read More

Heart Transplant Recipients Help Others on the Wait List

Holly Mulkerin and Frank Bianchi received heart transplants at Cleveland Clinic a day apart, and they met each other during recovery. During that time, Mulkerin hatched a plan to help others on the list cope with the wait. Now, the two run a volunteer program where they personally call people on Cleveland Clinic’s organ transplant … Read More