Common Post-Op Issues After a Lobectomy

A lobectomy to remove lung cancer in patients diagnosed with stage 1 or 2 lung cancer can be a life-saving procedure. However, a lobectomy is a major surgery, so it’s important that patients are aware of common post-op complaints so they can let their doctors know if they are experiencing any issues. Thoracic surgeon Sudish … Read More

What Happens in Your Body After a Lobectomy?

Finding out that a surgery called a lobectomy is needed to remove a large section of lung to treat stage 1 or 2 lung cancer can be a scary proposition—especially when thinking about how the lungs will be affected afterwards. However, the body is extremely quick to adapt, explains thoracic surgeon Sudish Murthy, MD, PhD. … Read More

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How Does Lung Cancer Start and Spread?

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States, which means that many people have been touched by the disease—either as a patient or as a friend or loved one of someone with a lung cancer diagnosis. While we often hear talk of lung disease, it’s important to understand the physiology … Read More

‘White Coat’ Syndrome Is Real

Patients often ask whether so-called “white coat” hypertension is anything to be worried about. This is a phenomenon in which people have a higher-than-normal blood pressure reading only at the doctor’s office, while their blood pressure is normal under more relaxed conditions at home.

Radiation Can Cause Heart Issues — Years Later

One of the most common treatments for cancerous tumors is therapeutic radiation, which can be very effective and even life-saving. However, doctors are now recognizing that when patients receive radiation to the chest, cardiac issues can sometimes occur as a result — often years or decades later. In this video, Bruce Lytle, MD, describes how … Read More

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How to Live Better — Not Just Longer

While there has been gradual increase in life expectancy over the past few decades, quality of life hasn’t necessarily improved.  Medical issues that come with chronic conditions such as of heart disease and type 2 diabetes can create a number of challenges.