Anxiety and Arrhythmia (Video)

The heart and brain do a lot of talking, and our emotional health can seriously impact the heart. We’re learning that anxiety can tax the heart. Specifically, high anxiety levels can  cause an irregular heart beat  and it’s a vicious cycle, as the more arrhythmia you have – it makes you more anxious. Cleveland Clinic’s Leo Pozuelo, … Read More

Mind Over Heart Matters (Video)

Dealing with heart disease takes a great deal of mental tenacity. And it’s not an easy journey, which is why Cleveland Clinic focuses on heart patients’ quality of life—how they are weathering the disease physically and emotionally. It’s about whole health, and that’s why it’s important for patients to talk to their doctors about how … Read More

Know When to Treat Your High Cholesterol (Video)

Now that you know your cholesterol numbers, you’re probably wondering if levels are high enough to treat. At what point will you be prescribed cholesterol-lowering statins? And, what numbers should you shoot for if you want to avoid treatment? Answers to those questions are given by Michael Rocco, MD, medical director of Cardiac Rehabilitation and … Read More

Know Your Cholesterol Numbers (Video)

You got your cholesterol test results back—but still don’t understand what the numbers mean. Find out what’s good, average and “needs improvement” through medications in this whiteboard session lead by Michael Rocco, MD, Medical director of Cardiac Rehabilitation and Stress Testing at Cleveland Clinic.

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Blood Pressure By the Numbers (Video)

When it comes to blood pressure readings, if all that talk about systolic and diastolic and normal, intermediate and high blood pressure (hypertension) have left you confused, you’re not alone. But help is on the way: In this Everyday Health video, David Frid, MD, Cleveland Clinic cardiologist in the Section of Preventive Cardiology, makes the … Read More