Cholesterol: What’s Your ‘Type?’ (Video)

You’ve heard about the good guys (HDL) and bad guys (LDL) in the cholesterol family. HDL protects and even works to decrease risk of heart attack. LDL in excess blocks arteries and leads to clogged arteries and can cause heart attack or stroke. In this whiteboard session, Michael Rocco, MD, medical director of Cardiac Rehabilitation … Read More

Cholesterol: The Good, Bad and Ugly (Video)

The waxy, fatty substance known as cholesterol is actually a good thing—in moderation. It’s a building block for cells and an important producer of hormones. But in excess, cholesterol can build up in the arteries and form plaque that obstructs blood flow and can lead to heart attack or stroke. In this whiteboard session, Michael Rocco, … Read More

‘Sleeper’ Cholesterol With Big Risks

It’s not a popular type of cholesterol like the “good” and “bad” kinds we test for.  But it may be linked to the third leading cause of heart disease in the country. Lp(a) is a protein that sits on the LDL particle, the one that carries so-called “bad” cholesterol. It appears that Lp(a) is causally … Read More