2 Holiday Foods With Health Benefits

If you’ve traditionally passed on the sweet potato dish in favor of white potatoes on Thanksgiving, you should reconsider this year.  That’s because you’d be missing out on the many health benefits these nutritional superstars have to offer. Sweet potatoes contain an abundance of orange-hued carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant. And adding a … Read More

Recipe: Apple Stuffing

Thanksgiving, or anytime you feel like it, serve this healthy, low-fat dessert dish with less than 200 calories per serving.

12 Strategies for Healthy Holiday Eating

Eating healthy over the holidays isn’t easy, and parties and buffets present the greatest challenge. Dining in a group causes the average person to eat about 40 percent more calories than he or she normally would alone. And we all know that during the holidays there is a lot of group noshing! Here are 12 … Read More

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Recipe: Holiday Zinfandel Chia Onion Relish

Serve this colorful, flavorful relish at Thanksgiving in place of the standard cranberry relish that is high in calories and simple carbohydrates. The onions and zinfandel give this dish unexpected sweetness and a fabulous taste. Our holiday relish has zero carbohydrates — and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids from the chia seeds as a bonus. Ingredients … Read More

How Much Alcohol Is Healthy to Drink?

Studies continue to show that moderate alcohol consumption can provide heart health benefits for some. With the holiday season fast approaching, it is important to pay attention to your alcohol consumption and remember that moderation is key. On closer inspection, the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption vary based on a person’s age and medical history. … Read More