How You Can Roast Chestnuts in the Oven: 4 Easy Steps

Contributor: Cleveland Clinic Preventive Cardiology dietitian Kate Patton, MEd, RD, CSSD, LD This year, if you are looking to put a twist on your holiday dinner, chestnuts might be just the thing. Fresh chestnuts are available from fall through December, which makes them a perfect holiday treat. You can buy them fresh, ground, dried, puréed or vacuum-packed. Roasting … Read More

8 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

  Research studies show that most adults gain some weight over the holidays. But don’t despair — this year can be different! Here are some great ways to enjoy the holidays without adding pounds. View our infographic and read about the tips in detail below. 1. Get moving Check with your doctor first, of course. But … Read More

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5 Foods That Can Beat Your Hangover

It’s always fun to be the life of the party. But if you’re down for the count the next day because you drank too much, there are some foods you can eat that may help cure your hangover, according to Julie Zumpano, RD, a registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic. Contrary to popular belief, she says … Read More