My Pap Is Abnormal. How Worried Should I Be?

It’s never a good feeling to get a call from your doctor’s office telling you about an abnormality on your Pap test. But most of the time, there’s not much to worry about. Paps can pick up subtle abnormalities in the cells of the cervix. Officially, a Pap is looking for cervical cancer and its … Read More

Can You Go 5 Years Between Pap Tests?

Yes, ladies, it is true! You can safely space out pap tests (a collection of cells taken at the time of a periodic pelvic exam). The U.S. Preventive Health task force recently released new pap test guidelines.

When To Be Screened for Cervical Cancer

The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force and the American Cancer Society recently released new guidelines on cervical cancer screenings. The most surprising thing that came from the change? It is now suggested that women under 21 shouldn’t be tested. Elisa Ross, MD, gynecologist at Cleveland Clinic, says this is because of the test’s parameters, which … Read More