7 Choices That Keep Your Sperm Healthy

Think of your testicles as a factory where sperm is made. You want the factory to produce a top-notch product, so you must make smart choices to keep your workers happy and healthy. Some factors related to fertility are beyond your control. But you’d be surprised how much power you have over the health and … Read More

Did Your Gynecologist Say ‘SIS?’

Maybe you’ve had an ultrasound and something came up abnormal. Or experienced some irregular, heavy, or postmenopausal bleeding. Or you could be struggling with infertility. To better diagnose the problem, your doctor orders an SIS, or saline-infusion sonography. This is a special ultrasound for imaging the uterus. But what is it, exactly, and what does … Read More

Video: Baby Conceived From a Single Sperm

Mother’s Day is particularly sweet for Jen Schiraldi. Not long ago, Jen and her husband, Jason, were facing major infertility problems. But thanks to an innovative technique — using a single sperm — and a little bit of luck, her dream of being a mom is now reality. It seems like a simple formula: mom … Read More