In Vitro Fertilization: Be Prepared to Go All In

For many couples, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is the last resort in conceiving a child. If you’re standing on IVF’s doorstep, you’ve probably got a long list of questions and concerns. For most women it boils down to one thing: Will I be able to have a baby? That’s the one question modern medicine can’t … Read More

Fertility Drugs Tied to Multiple Births (Video)

A substantial increase in the rate of U.S. multiple births and the use of non-in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments has been linked, says a new study from Centers for Disease Control (CDC). These non-IVF fertility treatments include ovulation stimulation and ovulation induction through the use of fertility drugs. The study did find a decline, however, … Read More

Vasectomy Reversal: 5 Facts Men Need to Know

When a man chooses to have a vasectomy, it may feel like a permanent choice. It doesn’t have to be. Most men are candidates for vasectomy reversal, a simple procedure that allows them to start or expand a family. Edmund Sabanegh, MD, Chair of Urology at Cleveland Clinic, offers insight. 1. When life changes, you … Read More

Tubal Reversal: 5 Facts About Your Fertility

Having children is a major decision in a woman’s life. So too is a tubal ligation — or “having your tubes tied” — to prevent yourself from having children. But what happens if you change your mind after this surgery? In most cases, you have options, including reversing the tubal ligation, says surgeon and fertility … Read More

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Embryoscope: New Technology Helps Couples Conceive

“We’re seeing things we’ve never seen before,” says Nina Desai, PhD. “This could change everything.” There’s still a hint of wonder and disbelief in her voice. Dr. Desai, Director of the Cleveland Clinic In Vitro Fertilization Lab, is talking about embryoscope. This new technology revolutionizes the in vitro fertilization process, monitoring fertilized embryos’ development moment … Read More

Not Pregnant Yet? When to Get Help

Trying to have a baby can bring feelings of joy and anticipation about expanding your family. But when conception doesn’t happen right away, it’s easy to start worrying about infertility. “By definition, infertility is failure to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse,” says OB/GYN Jeffrey Goldberg, MD, and Section Head, Cleveland Clinic Obstetrics and … Read More