For better heart health – Know your numbers

Cleveland Clinic staff share their numbers with you: Dr. Gillinov, heart surgeon and co-author of Heart 411: BMI 22.8, LDL 87, BP 115/75.  Dr. Gillinov reveals his numbers and the steps he took to get them at Heart Surgeon Reveals All. Dr. Ellis, Section Head of Interventional Cardiology: BMI is 22, LDL is 110, BP 120/75.  How did … Read More

Heart Surgeon Reveals All

It’s know your numbers week! A. Marc Gillinov, MD, is a Cleveland Clinic cardiac surgeon and co-author of the new book, “Heart 411”.  Recently, he followed the kind of advice that heart doctors give patients, and got his cholesterol (lipid profile), blood pressure and body mass index checked. Now, in this special TBE exclusive, Dr. … Read More