Recipe: Ginger-Peanut Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Packed lunches can get boring, but this flavorful and healthy chicken salad wrap will spice up your work week. Replace mayo with peanut butter to cut out unhealthy saturated fats with replace with healthy unsaturated fats. Exotic ingredients like ginger, lime, and soy create a new twist on an old standby. Ingredients Chicken salad ingredients … Read More

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Recipe: Asian Chicken Wraps With Shiitake Mushrooms

What can you do with leftover roast chicken? Make a fantastic second meal like these Asian chicken wraps! These make a great weekend lunch or light dinner. Best of all, they can be put together in less than 30 minutes. To keep calories down, you can make the wraps with low-fat or fat-free whole wheat … Read More

Conquer the Afternoon: Your 5 Best Lunch Options

Breakfast may fuel your morning and set your healthy habits for the day, but lunch will keep you going through afternoon meetings, hitting the gym and picking the kids up from soccer practice. Fast food may present an easy option, but it’s a recipe for diet disasters. Try the five lunch options below instead. They … Read More

Fast-Food Disasters: The 5 Worst Lunch Foods

Your healthy breakfast is long gone. Your stomach is starting to growl loudly enough for coworkers to hear. You have an hour for lunch. What shall it be? The No. 3 combo at your favorite burger joint? A combo at your favorite sandwich shop? Three slices of pizza from the cafeteria? Not so fast. Lunch … Read More

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What Do Doctors and Dietitians Eat for Lunch?

When midday hits and the energy from breakfast is long gone, what do the experts eat to keep them going? This week in our “Eat Like the Experts” series, our doctors and registered dietitians answer another question: What do you eat for lunch? Grab and go “My afternoons at work are hectic — no time … Read More