Defeating Lung Cancer With Early Detection

Lung cancer kills more people in the United States than breast, prostate, colorectal, and pancreatic cancers combined. Unfortunately, most people who develop lung cancer do not develop symptoms until it has become more advanced. The result is late diagnosis, where treatment can be effective, but rarely curative. However, there is good news: if found early in … Read More

More Lungs for Life-saving Transplants (Video)

Life-saving lung transplants are limited by a shortage of donor lungs. Around 85 percent of lungs are accepted for transplant after a donor’s death because of complications and injuries. That’s troubling news for the 100,000 Americans waiting on the lung transplant standby list. But fortunately, the situation is about to change. Experts believe as many … Read More

November: Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that besides smoking, there are other risk factors for lung cancer? In honor of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, we’ve put together prevention, risk and treatment information to help you and your family. Explore Health Hub The Smell Test: Sniffing Out CancerTake a Lifelong Break from TobaccoWhat to Know About Lung DisordersBe Smart, Be Safe, … Read More